Saturday, 2 February 2013

Derek Hale bound -Flash Animation

Commission for bamboozeled05 on Y!Gallery! Gotta start to watch this show :Q


  1. Awesome. I'd like to see more sucking machine scenarios. How about while the guy is taking 12" in the ass..

  2. agree with JB. amazing work though that was really hot! And maybe the pecs could move a little? Love it when you animate the pecs to move :)

  3. WOW... I don't have the proper words to express how much I enjoyed watching Derek Hale, the most beefy cake, being milked
    Thank you so freaking much for share this awesome work
    OMG I can't get over it... I suppose I'm going to be playing it over and over again to keep my obsession calm Thanks again :D

  4. wait... where did this go?? :(